Community Cat Program


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The ultimate goal of a community cat program is to stop the breeding cycle of cats and help stabilize the number of cats in a community, while improving their lives and health. Based on the information provided by Dr. Kate Hurley on Aug. 20 and your own knowledge of community cat programs, please rank the statements below.

“Community cats” is a term used to describe outdoor, unowned, free-roaming cats. These cats could be friendly, feral, adults, kittens, healthy, sick, altered and/or unaltered. They may or may not have a caregiver. By this definition, the only outdoor free-roaming cats who are not community cats are those who have an owner.

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Question - Not Required - 1. Community cat programs are a common-sense, cost-effective solution for managing populations of unowned cats by preventing additional births.

Question - Not Required - 2. It is inhumane to keep community cats in a shelter environment.

Question - Not Required - 3. Returning cats to the community poses a threat to wildlife.

Question - Not Required - 4. Returning cats to the community can be unsafe for cats.

Question - Not Required - 5. San Diego can significantly reduce the cat population through a robust community cat program.

Question - Not Required - 6. Community cats can benefit their neighborhoods through rodent control.

Question - Not Required - 7. Community cat programs pose a risk to outdoor cats who are owned or strays.

Question - Not Required - 8. All cats should be kept indoors.

Question - Not Required - 9. There are viable, humane options to help residents deter unwanted cats from their yards.

Question - Not Required - 10. Unsocial community cats are better off exiting through a barn program rather than being released back into the community, even if that means spending additional time in the shelter.

Question - Not Required - 11. Community cat programs can create safer communities and promote public health by reducing the number of unvaccinated cats.


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