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Prizes will be redeemed by email after the event. This will free you up to enjoy the festivities without having to wait in line to claim your prizes or carry them around all morning. Best of all, you now get to choose from a selection of prizes for each level achieved and they will be delivered to the address provided when you register! T-shirts will still be available on-site to pick up at the Registration/T-shirts tent. And you’ll have until June 4 to reach your fundraising goals! Be on the lookout for an email from Darter Specialties later that month to redeem your prizes.

  • Choose “donate my prize back” to help more animals. You can now choose to opt out of selecting a prize from any or all of your qualifying levels to maximize your fundraising dollars. This allows for more funds to be earmarked to change the lives of more than 30,000 animals each year by providing life-saving veterinary care, the highest quality nutrition and enrichment – all the support they need to be adopted to loving homes. You will also help to further strengthen the vital programs and services we provide to our community, such as pet therapy in hospitals, the PAWS San Diego and Project Wildlife programs, educational programs in schools, and rescuing animals in emergency situations.
  • T-shirts will still be available at the event. With all of these fun new changes, don’t forget to pick up your event T-shirt at the Registration/T-shirts tent when you turn in your Donation Envelope. 
  • Please note that you will qualify for individual fundraising prizes based on your individual fundraising achievements

Help Getting Started

Registration Fee



  Commemorative T-shirt

    Commemorative T-shirt



$100 - $249






Knit Beanie Cap







$250 - $499






Brushed Twill Low
Profile Cap


Cinch Pack

Cinch Pack with
Mesh Trim










$500 - $999




Ladies Tee

Ladies' Wicking Tee


Men's Tee

Men's Wicking Tee



Igloo Left Over
Lunch Bag












$1000 - $2499





Women's Microfleece

Ladies' Microfleece Jacket


Men's Microfleece

Men's Microfleece Jacket



Fleece Throw Blanket w/Carry Strap




Igloo Cooler

Igloo Party To Go Cooler


Beach Towel

Beach Towel












$2500 - $4999




OGIO Pullover

OGIO Ladies' Nexus
1/4-Zip Pullover


OGIO Pullover (Men's)

OGIO Men's Nexus
1/4-Zip Pullover 



Sony Bluetooth and 
Noise Cancelling Headset



Activity Wristband

Wireless Activity Wristband



Hydration Pack

High Sierra Longshot 70
Hydration Pack




Spectator Cooler Chair










DC39 Origin Canister



Samsung 32" HDTV &
Roku 3 Cord Cutting Kit


Wine Fridge

Silent 32 Bottle Dual
Zone Wine Refrigerator




Cast Iron 

Le Creuset Enameled
Cast Iron 5 Piece
Signature Set -
Caribbean Blue


Dyson Air Multiplier 

Dyson AM06 10"
Air Multiplier


Bike Rack 

Yakima Hang out
3 Bike Rack